Anonymous said: Are you okay? That last text post was intense.

Yes, I’ll live. Thank you! It goes up and down and I guess the downs are just starting to get to me more, turning me “harder” to the world.


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Real life is a bitch.

They say karma is, but frankly I’m starting to think karma got hit by a bus and died. Reality took over to become the queen bee.
People make themselves feel better by telling themselves that the evil people in the world will get what they deserve. The more I deal with the people I do the more I see that’s a sack of shit.
Reality shows us that evil will find happiness while the good hearted suffer in uncontrollable misery.
Assholes continue to smile while they shit on nice folk. That’s how it works. It makes them happy to know everyone else isn’t.
That won’t change.
This won’t change.
The only thing I could do is walk away from the one thing that makes me happy to escape it, to make myself miserable.
I deal with the bullshit and keep my love or I walk away and lose the love that means the most to me.

The evil wins either way.
The good lose either way.

Fuck it, I’m moving to Disney World.


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